There is a reason most manufactures only cover their vehicles for 3 years or 36,000 miles. Statistics show that 3 out of 4 vehicles over 36,000 miles experience at least one major mechanical failure. We are pleased to offer extended warranty programs where unlike most, the coverage is so thorough, you just can’t lose.

Covered vehicle components and other added benefits:

Extensive Coverage

Over 5000+ vehicle components covered including the engine, transmission, front suspension, rear suspension, brake system, steering system, air conditioning system, all power components plus protection for high-tech components including electrical systems, computers, and other advanced technology, even the audio system is covered. For 7 years or 100,000 miles, 100% of the cost of the parts and 100% of the cost of the labor is paid no matter how much the cost may increase in the future. Basically, everything is covered outside routine maintenance for 7 years.

Increased Resale Value

Our programs are fully transferable to anyone who buys your vehicle. Additional warranty coverage is the only thing that increases the resale value of a vehicle. Vehicles with warranty coverage always sell the quickest and for the most money.

Protect Your Budget

Instead of having a separate saving account or using high interest rate credit cards for unexpected mechanical failures and potentially putting your credit in jeopardy, our program helps you remain on your monthly budget.

Money In The Bank

One of the best parts of our program is if you decide to trade your vehicle instead of sell it, you can use the unused portion as a down payment on your next vehicle.

As An Added Bonus

You will receive a rental car, towing and road side assistance for up to 7 years or 100,000 miles.

Customizable Coverage

Our plans range from 3 to 7 years or 36,000 to 100,000 miles depending on you needs. Why You Just Can’t Lose

Consumer reports will tell you most service contracts are not worth the paper they are written on and they are right because they never pay for anything. To create a loop hole in the coverage, these companies usually list what is covered, but never what isn’t covered. That’s what makes our program different from all the rest. Our programs tell you what isn’t covered and everything else is covered. So, if the items are not listed in the non covered items, its covered. YOU JUST CAN’T LOSE.

Maintenance and Parts NOT covered:

  • Maintenance services and the items used in those services
  • Glass and plastic lenses
  • Body and paint items, including soft trim
  • Snow plows, winches and trailer hitches
  • Wearable items such as manual clutch assembly, brake pads, shoes and rotors, drums and belts, etc are not covered.