GAP Protection

gap protection

GAP Protection protects your credit and your investment.

The book value of a vehicle often decreases more rapidly than the amount owed on your loan, leaving a gap.

Did you know that in the event your vehicle is a total loss, your primary automotive insurance may not provide enough money to pay it off or replace it?

Every year, over 8 million vehicles are totaled in events such as collision, theft and natural disasters. Very often, your insurance settlement is thousands of dollars less than what you still owe on your auto loan.

Why? Under normal circumstances, the reasons are conservative insurance settlements, longer term loans, higher costs of new and used vehicles, high mileage driving and interest fees. If disaster strikes, you are responsible for any difference between the determined insurance value of your vehicle and your outstanding loan balance.

“YOU” could end up paying thousands of dollars out your own pocket for the difference on the vehicle that you no longer own.

EXAMPLE: If your vehicle is totaled…?

Loan Balance / Year 2 = $21,000

Insurance Settlement = $16,000

Loan Deficiency (GAP) = $5,000

Customer Deductible = $500

Out of pocket Expense = $5,500

Gap Insurance Benefit = $5,500

Out of pocket expense when protected by Gap = 0

You can obtain Gap Protection for just a few dollars per month

Protect your investment and your credit rating.

That’s protection you can use. A totaled vehicle should not create a financial hardship, cost you out of pocket or reduce your ability to replace your vehicle. GAP Protection is such a great product that every leasing company insists that GAP Protection be included in every lease to protect the lessor as well as the lessee.